12 agosto 2013

Black Orchid

I improved my version of Black Orchid, the DC Comics character, of whom the best reference I have are the paintings of Dave McKean. It's not exactly the way he painted it, because, after all, this is MY version. As you have noticed, I love plants and vegetable characters... The Little Prince's Rose, the Poison Ivy, the Swampy Thing, the Black Orchid... Just never understood why they call it black. Maybe I should have used black features in it to make more sense. Worth having thought about it just now. Anyway, I started getting interested in conceptualizing characters five years ago and I have learned and developed a lot in that time. This is just a small sample of my effort in this direction and an excuse to update this blog and say that I'm still alive.

Photoshop CS5, Wacom Graphire 3, my comic book of Black Orchid signed by Neil Gaiman \o/, Massive Attack songs, mugs and more mugs of tea and many hours of study and practice. I hope you enjoy this upgrade.

5 comentários:

  1. wOOt! Adorei a sua versão! :D

    Abraço. :)

  2. Muito boa versão, Carolina! Legal que tenha voltado a postar. Se possível manda mais.

  3. Oi Carol!
    Q bom q voltou a atualizar o blog! rs
    A pintura ficou show!

    kisses! :)